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Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a fungal infection affecting several parts of the body including skin, mouth, throat, and genitals. Yeast infection is usually caused due to an overgrowth of Candid -A type of yeast that is found in very small amounts in your body. 

Causes of Yeast Infection

Antibiotics are believed to be the prime culprits in causing yeast infection. They make it by disturbing the normal microorganisms and make conditions favorable to it for growing Candida. Women who are using hormonal contraceptives are more likely to suffer from yeast infection in the vaginal area.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Different parts of the body respond differently to yeast infection. Vaginal yeast infections are marked by white clumpy discharges, soreness, painful sexual intercourse, redness in the vaginal area, and extreme itching. Men may develop rashes on the penis, which accompanies with itching and burning sensations. 

Oral Candida infections are usually marked by developing cracks at the corners of the mouth, white spots inside the tongue and mouth, throat soreness accompanied with difficulty in swallowing.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Maintaining a good personal hygiene is the most important way to prevent infections. Keep yourself always as clean as possible. 

Home Remedies for Yeast infection in Men

Hygiene is the best practice to prevent yeast infection. Use soap and warm water to clean the affected area thoroughly and wear clean underwear made of cotton fabrics. One may also try boric acid to control recurrent yeast infections. 

Home Remedies for Yeast infection in Women

Vulvovaginal yeast infections are the most common yeast infections in women. Practicing hygiene is the first step in preventing these infections. Keep your vaginal area as dry and clean as possible.  Use antifungal powders made for internal use if needed. Be sure to wear cotton underwear that are cotton and keep away from tight or synthetic undergarments.

Make sure to clean your pelvic region properly following sexual activity to prevent any possible infections. Washing the vaginal area with vinegar can help restore the optimal pH level of the vaginal area and discourage fungi growth.

Home Remedies for Yeast infection during pregnancy

Try to add more yogurts to your diet; this can help your body maintain the optimal pH levels and discourage yeast growth.
Cleansing the vagina with basil water helps cure yeast infections naturally. 

Home Remedies for Yeast infection on Skin

Keep your body as dry and aerated as possible. Try to wipe your sweat often and avoid staying long in wet clothes. Use antifungal creams and powders on areas that are prone to yeast infections. Avoid wearing tight clothes. Choose light, loose, and soft fabrics that are clean.