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Home Remedies For Spondylitis

Causes of Spondylitis

Spondylitis is caused due to the inflammation of the vertebra with a common complaint of neck and back pain. Spondylitis develops gradually and the patient becomes aware of this condition once it is matured. The pain at times excruciating usually is the first indication that the patient has that something is wrong. This pain usually concentrates around the shoulder, neck, and lower back radiates along the limbs.

There are 3 types of spondylitis:
Cervical Spondylitis:  Cervical spondylitis affects the cervical spine making the pain radiate outwards along with back of the neck, shoulders, spine, and arms.
Lumbar Spondylitis: Lumbar spondylitis affects the lumbar region.
Ankylosing spondylitis: Ankylosing spondylitis affects the sacroiliac joints.

Home Remedies for Spondylitis
The treatment of Spondylitis usually involves a combination of massage therapy, physiotherapy, and lifestyle changes. There is no cure for spondylitis and any medications prescribed by the doctor will only give symptomatic relief. Find below some of the home remedies for spondylitis that may provide some relief from your pain.

Massage Therapy 

This therapy can provide you with some temporary relief from your pain and stiffness that is associated with spondylitis. Massage therapy helps to improve your blood circulation and relax your neck muscles. Add aromatherapy oil to the massage oil to help relax you further. Massaging with dry ginger boiled in mustard oil or sesame oil will provide good relief.


A professional physiotherapist can take you through a series of exercises to reduce stiffness, lessen the pain, and improve flexibility. Once you have mastered these exercises, you can continue performing these at home.

Neck Brace

This is helpful if you have acute cervical spondylitis. A neck brace can be purchased from a local medical shop. There are some neck exercises that need to be performed under the guidance of a professional physiotherapist for half an hour or so every day to help get rid of the pain.

Change your Chair 

Bad sitting posture can be one of the causes for you spondylitis. Ideally, your chair should have a solid seat with an upright back support for your neck. The chair should also have arms so to minimize the load on your spine. Bean bags, low chairs, couches, and oft chairs should be avoided, since they contribute to bad posture which may aggravate the problem further.

Change your Sleeping Bed 

Ideally, your bed should be hard and support your back without sagging. Use only a single pillow that is again thin.

Watch your Posture 

Always maintain an upright posture to help you maintain a healthy spine.


A high protein diet with adequate amounts of fruits, fresh leafy vegetables, and dairy products can go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy.

Tai Chi

Studies have shown that practicing tai chi for an hour twice a week can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis over a period of time.


There are many yogasanas and poses to help relieve pain in joints caused due to spondylitis. Poses such as the Fish pose and Snake pose have been practiced effectively to minimize the pain that is associated with ankylosing spondylitis and cervical spondylitis.

Other poses like Bow pose and half spinal twist and aiamond pose help relieving pain and stiffness in the joints. These poses need to be performed under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.

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