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Home Remedies For Depression

Natural Home Remedies for Depression

Depression Symptoms

Depression is a very serious illness that involves both physical and mental condition. This affects a person with extreme sadness that may last for weeks or months. This interrupts with normal life of an individual with an overall change in behavior and attitude both externally and internally. Most of the suicides that are committed worldwide are attributed to depression. The person who is affected with depression cannot get improve themselves on their own. But with proper diagnosis and treatment, depression can be treated effectively.

Causes of Depression

Find below the common causes of depression
  • Hereditary
  • Changes in brain structure and/or brain function
  • Negative attitude
  • Stress
  • Financial problems
  • Change in menstrual cycles.
  • Menopause
  • Mourning (sorrow over death or departure of a loved one)
  • Major diseases such cancer, heart attack etc.
  • Problems with hormonal disorders
  • Problems with relations
Home Remedies for Depression

An Apple consumed with milk and honey every day is very beneficial to uplift a mood.

Powder the seeds of two green cardamoms and then add this to one cup of boiling water, and add sugar.  Drink this tea twice a day.

Add a handful of Rose petals to a cup of boiling water, add sugar, and drink this mixture as and when a feeling of depression arises.

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