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Home Remedy For Burns

First Aid for Burns

Burns can be small or big, superficial or deep. What the doctors term as first-degree pains is due to scorching or scalding with lesions and blisters. The skin may be red and sore with some swelling. These burns can be treated at home.

Second-degree burns are slightly more severe than first degree burns with damage to the skin and tissue below it. The burns have large oozing blisters with swelling and intense pain. 

Third degree burns are the most serious. They are also known as full thickness burns. These burns damage not only the skin but also the nerves, fat, blood vessels, muscles and sometime bones too. These burns happen due to fires, electricity, boiling water, or boiling oil. When the nerve endings are dead, there is not much pain but can result in shock to the system and death.

Home Remedies for First Degree Burns

The first and most import thing to do immediately after a burn is to keep the injury under running water for 10 – 15 minutes.

Try applying a layer of egg whites to the burned area and let it dry.

Try soaking some tea bags in cold water and place them on the burn. Repeat this till the pain subsides.

Apply a very thick coating of white toothpaste (but not the gel or liquid).

Dip handkerchiefs or scarves in a bowl of cold milk and place them on the burns. Alternate as the cloth becomes dry. Do this for every 15 minutes.

Puree raw onion and apply a thick paste of it.

Yellow mustard is found to be very effective in bringing down the pain and prevent scarring. 

Another popular remedy is using honey on the site. This relieves pain and prevents blisters and this can be covered with a bandage or gauze.

The burnt area can be wrapped with an aluminum foil that is found in the kitchen. Use the shiny side against the burn and wrap firmly.

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