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Natural Hair Colors

Colour (dye) your hair naturally

Grey hair is considered as an indication of stress. Graying of hair cannot be reversed, but can be concealed with hair colours mentioned below.

Many people think that a hair dye applied on to the hair will not enter inside. But this is night right, as the dye is applied on the scalp it comes in contact with skin too. Skin is more likely to absorb the chemicals from the hair dye and may pass them into the blood.  This is what makes those chemical-based dyes as dangerous. Natural hair colours that are obtained from plants are therefore considered much safer than commercial hair dye products which may contain harsh chemical compounds.

You may not see impressive results overnight, but would definitely need repeated sessions with these natural hair colour treatments to see a change. But here you can be much assured of the damage free dyes as the below mentioned dyes are all natural. But you can be assured that these are much safer options than you chemical dyes as they are natural.

Color your hair naturally with the below natural hair dye

Henna Hair Dye

Henna contains certain compounds that stain the skin and hair to a dark brown or dark red colour. This can be one of the wonderful natural hair dyes.

For your black hair has gone to grey colour, use henna in a combination with curry leaves and sesame oil. Boil some sesame oil mixed with few curry leaves and then keep this oil in a tight container for a later use. Whenever you want to dye your hair, can use this oil by simply adding some henna to this and boil for a few minutes. Cool it and then apply to your hair. Wait for 3 to 4 hours and then rinse your hair using preferably shikakai.

  • If you want to have a burgundy shade; mix beetroot juice with henna to make a paste and apply.
  • If you want to have reddish brown colour; mix henna with some lemon juice, curd, and some tea decoction and apply.
  • Henna alone will give you a copper red colour.
  • Indigo alone gives a blue color; combine henna with indigo in various proportions to get varying shades. 
  • If you want a redder colour, keep the henna portion high.
  • If you want a browner colour, keep more of indigo.
Amla Hair Dye

Amla does not have capability to dye by itself, however, amla can help tone down the brown or red colour of a henna-indigo hair colour.  Amla is good in giving a natural shine to your hair after you have rinsed the dye. When mixing amla powder to your dye, it is quite important that you add this just before you want to apply the dye paste to your hair.

Walnut Shells Hair Dye

The shell covering walnuts outside gives a very strong colour of dark brown that you can dye. Crush the walnut shells and then immerse them in a boiling water and boil them for about half an hour or so. Then let the liquid cool, strain it, and then apply the liquid on your hair using a cotton ball. Allow this to stay on your hair for at least 1 hour and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Avoid using too hot water, as this may loss the dye effect. As this liquid is very strong, this will stain anything that comes into contact with.  Therefore, be sure to avoid any contact with the dye while preparing, applying, and rinsing.

Tea and Coffee Hair Dye

Both tea and coffee have the capability to give dark brown colour. Use tea bags or powder to make a strong tea, but it should be more concentrated.  Strain the liquid and use it when it is reasonable warm. You need your hair to soak in tea or coffee decoction for few hours to see the better results.

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