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How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Natural Home Remedies Right From Your Kitchen

Are You Looking For Some Simple And Natural Remedies For Common Ailments That Are Completely Safe? Our Home Remedies Section Offer Natural Cures With Natural Ingredients Such As Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Herbs, Honey & Some Natural Oils That Are Easily Available In The Market.

Home Remedies For Pimples & Acne

What Is Acne?
Acne Is A Kind Of Condition In Which Red Inflamed Pimples Appear On The Surface Of The Skin, Usually Appear On The Face And In Very Rare Cases Appear On The Neck And Chest.

Causes Of Pimples And Causes Of Acne
  • Due To Secretion Of Excessive Oil In The Skin
  • Due To Hormonal Changes At The Time Of Puberty 
  • Due To Stress
  • Due To Blockage Of The External Pores In The Skin
  • At The Time Of Pregnancy
  • While On Contraceptive Pills
  • Hereditary
  • At The Time Of Menstrual Periods

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Pimples Naturally

For Dry Skin – Rub A Piece Of Sandalwood On A Stone With A Few Drops Of Raw Milk And Apply It On The Affected Areas And Keep It On For One Hour And Then Wash With Water.

For Oily Skin – Make A Thick Paste Of Sandalwood With Rosewater And Apply It On Affected Areas. Keep For One Hour And Then Wash.

Make A Thick Paste Of Fenugreek Leaves And Apply It On Face Keeping It On Overnight And Wash. This Clears Pimples.

Mix One Teaspoon Of Coriander Powder With A Pinch Of Turmeric Powder And Apply On Pimples. Keep It On Overnight And Wash Off The Next Morning.

Fresh Limejuice Can Be Dabbed On Pimples.

Make A Paste Of Curry Leaves And Apply It On Pimples And Keep It On Overnight And Wash It In The Morning, Which Helps The Wrinkles Fade Away Gradually.

Make A Paste Of Nutmeg With Raw Milk And Apply It On Pimples And Leave On For Overnight. Keep Continuing It For 10-12 Days Until The Face Becomes Clear.

Apply A Layer Of Apple Cider Vinegar Over A Blemish And Repeat It Daily. Do Not Rinse Off.

Apply A Layer Of Mustard Powder Mixed With Honey And Leave It On Face For 15 Minutes And Then Rinse Off.

Freeze Strong Green Tea Into Ice Cubes And Keep Rubbing On An Affected Area For Few Minutes. This Reduces Inflammation. This Rubbing Can Also Be Used To Treat The Puffy Eyes.

An Amazing Natural Home Remedy, Dab Fresh Tomato Juice On The Area Twice A Day For Better Results.

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