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Beauty Mantra With Green Tea

A tea including black tea, red tea, herbal tea, green tea, and cold tea improves overall appearance of your skin and hair and cold tea in fact is good for treating tired eyes too. Tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties as well.
Find below the beauty benefits of green tea for your skin and hair:

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea for Hair # 1 - To treat Dull Hair
A hair rinse with black tea or green tea can boost your hairs strands many folds. Decoction the tea bags and then allow it to cool and stew for few hours and then pour this onto your hair and leave this on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes and then shampoo your hair followed by a conditioner to lock in the shine.

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea # 2 – Dark Undereye Circles
Tea bags if applied under eyes helps reducing the blood vessels shrinkage underneath the skin, thus eliminates the dark undereye circles under the eye area.

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea # 3 – Puffy eyes
Tea bags do wonders when put on puffy eyes, which reduces its puffiness.

Homemade Beauty Tips with Green Tea # 4 – Skin Toner and moisturizer
Sprinkle some cool green tea on your face and let this on for some time to eliminate the dust, shrink open pores, and to have a shiny and glowing skin.  You can do this every day for a maximum of 2 times.

Homemade Beauty Tips with Green Tea # 5 – Treatment for Sunburns

Make cold compressions with tea bags to reduce sunburn pain and redness

Benefits of Green Tea # 6 – Mosquito Bites
Minimizes bug bites: Apply a refrigerated chamomile tea bag directly on the affected area to get relief from mosquito bites.

Homemade Beauty Tips with Green Tea # 7 – After Shaving Lotion for Razor Burns
Press the cool tea bags against any razor burns after shaving on your legs and any part of the skin externally. This provides an immediate cooling relief from swelling and itching.