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Benefits Of Olive Oil - For Your Skin And Hair

Olive oil is a fat that is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea), which is a traditional crop of the Mediterranean region, where the olives are extracted to produce oil. Olive oil is widely used in cosmetics, cooking, and medicines. According to the North American Olive Oil Association, Greeks have been the highest consumers of olive oil where on an average a person consumes 24 liters of olive oil per year.  Olive improves your skin texture, hair, and health of your nails. So do not forget to use olive oil in your recipes and salads too that nourish your body from within. Find below the benefits of olive oil for your skin and hair using externally.

Olive Oil Benefits – Olive Oil for Hair and Skin
Take Bath with Olive Oil
Add 5 teaspoons or more of olive oil into your bathtub and enjoy the bath that makes your skin soft and smooth. You can also try olive oil for your body massage before bath and see that your skin looks like a baby skin that is tender to touch.

Homemade Facial Mask with Olive Oil
Mask for Normal and Dry skin
Mix 1 egg yolk with 1 tbs of olive oil and 1 tsp of lemon juice and apply this mixture on your face for 5 -10 minutes and then wash with plain and then cold water. This will make your skin soft and glowing.

Olive Oil as Lip Scrub

Mix required sugar with olive oil to treat chapped lips. You can also add lemon juice to this mixture, as lemon has got the acidic exfoliating properties.

Use Olive Oil as Makeup Remover
Dip a cotton ball in an olive oil and wipe away gently all the make up from your face and then rinse your face wish cold water. Cold water aids in stimulating the blood circulation and close the open pores. You can also remove waterproof make up with olive oil and repeat the process if necessary.

Use Olive Oil to Strengthen Your Nails
Soak up your nails in a lukewarm olive oil for 5 minutes and then rinse. Do this procedure every alternative day initially and then twice a week to see the fast results. You get surprised seeing your nails that are strong and shiny!

Use Olive Oil as Eye Cream
Olive oil nourishes the skin around eyes when applied regularly and thus prevent the fine lines around your eyes.  Dab some olive oil gently under your eyes before going to the bed or in the daytime and see the amazing results yourselves.

Olive Oil to Remove Ear Wax

Pour few drops of this olive oil in your ears before going to sleep for 3-4 night before you flush out the flog from your ears, as olive oil loosens the excess wax in your ears.

Olive Oil to Treat Diaper Rash

Olive is the perfect treatment to treat sensitive skins particularly the baby’s skins. Use olive oil to treat your baby’s rash on the buttocks and groin area.

Olive Oil to treat Cracked Heels
Apply olive oil on to your feet before going to sleep after exfoliating with a pumice stone. Keeps doing this until the cracks subside.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair
Mix 1 egg yolk with 2 tbs of olive oil and 1 tea spoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture to your hair and let this on for 15 minutes and then wash with shampoo followed by conditioner to get that soft and shinier look to your hair.