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Beauty Benefits Of Glycerin For Your Skin

Glycerin for skin

Glycerin holds moisture in your body. Glycerin can be a very good skin tonic when added with some lime juice
Skin Lightening – Glycerin is used for
skin lightening and skin tanning. Also is helpful in removing clogged impurities from your skin cells, thus skin gets clearer and fairer.

Anti Ageing: Glycerin fills in dry skin formed due to wrinkles, thus reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Glycerin reduces the signs of ageing and makes your skin look younger and youthful.

Skin Toner: Glycerin helps in toning your skin color. Glycerin helps in even up your skin tone by making your
skin look brighter. Glycerin reduces white spots and skin blemishes. A glycerin based toner with lemon is good in lightening your skin. Lemon has the bleaching effects that lighten your skin shade.

Smooth Skin: Glycerin also helps to conceal the dry and rough patches. Thus makes it smooth. Glycerin is used on elbows and knees. Glycerin should be applied regularly to see the faster results.

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