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3 Ways Of Planning A Sex Of The Baby

There are 3 Ways of planning a sex of the baby

There is some evidence that tells the sperms with 'Y' chromosome swim faster and have shorter life span and are more alkaline in nature, where as the sperms with 'X' chromosome swim slower and have a longer life span of up to 72 hours and are more acidic in nature.

Let us see below how one can improve their chances of having a child they desire.

Your timing of intercourse

As mentioned above, the ‘Y’ chromosome sperms are faster, alkaline, and have a short life span while the ‘X’ chromosome are slower, acidic, and have longer life span of up to 72 hours. Based on this hypothesis, one can plan the timing of intercourse to conceive a baby of their desired sex.

If you want to get baby boy Couple should have intercourse at the expected time of ovulation and to avoid intercourse 4 to 5 days prior to ovulation

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If you want to get baby girl – Couple should have intercourse 2 to 3 days prior to the expected ovulation time and then not to have intercourse for 4 to 5 days at the expected time of ovulation.

Based on diet

A woman can modify her diet at the time of ovulation by taking either acidic or alkaline food to increase the chances of male or female baby as per her preference.

If the couple wants a baby girlShe should take more of acidic foods like Citrus fruits (lemon, orange, mango, pickle, and salty items) as these will be unfavorable for alkaline nature of ‘Y’ sperms.

If the couple wants a baby boyShe should avoid taking acidic foods like citrus fruits. 

By using creams and lotions

If the couple wants a baby boy: 
A lotion containing an alkaline medium is used that is unfavorable to acidic female sperms.

If the couple wants a baby girl: A lotion containing more acidic is used to neutralize the male sperms.

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